Élie Raymond : Guitar, vocals
Antoine Lévesque-Roy: Bass
Thomas Bruneau Faubert :Trombone, synths
Charles Primeau: Guitare
Emmanuel Vallières: Drums

“We make music, we want to dance, we want you to join the party, crack, boom, pow!”

Hailing from the Laurentians in Quebec (CA), Foreign Diplomats’ band members get acquainted during their teenage years. Founded in 2010, it is upon the sight of an airport sign that the band finds its name. Based in Montreal, their indie/pop groove quickly catches independent record label Indica Records’ attention (Misteur Valaire, Half Moon Run, Phantogram, The Franklin Electric).

The promise shown by the band convinces the label to seal its relationship with Foreign Diplomats in 2013 and release their self-titled EP in june of the same year. This recording leads the band to perform at famed Montreal’s International Jazz Festival and Expo Québec, showcase at industry darling M for Montreal as well as open for enviable acts including Phantogram, Half Moon Run, Violent Femmes and Alex Nevsky.

The fall of 2014 sees Foreign Diplomats make their way to Bathouse Recording Studio, enlisting Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, The Shins, Counting Crows...) to produce their debut album Princess Flash, released on October 9, 2015.

Since, Foreign Diplomats have played several shows in France and Canada and have delighted the audience with their unique and contagious energy. The future looks bright for the young quintet who’s already showing a remarkable maturity on stage. After a thrilling journey this summer (Festival d’été de Québec, Osheaga and many more) they’ll be touring in Europe, Mexico and South America this fall.